Church of the Savior and other thoughts

Five years ago I read, “Call to Commitment” by Elizabeth O’Connor. Elizabeth’s written record of the journey of the COS was more than inspirational to me. It was a large piece in informing the paradigm shift that I and my fellow travelers at VCC were experiencing.

Sometime after first reading Call to Commitment, I had a dream. It was a short dream. At the time our church was renting space for our worship gathering in the basement of another church. In my dream, I was sitting with about 12 other people in that space. Elizabeth O’Connor was sitting on a high stool with a music stand in front of her and she was teaching us.
Since that dream I have embraced Elizabeth O’Connor as one of my mentors. She and her colleagues at COS have taught me a great deal on how to think about things such as:

  • What is the essence of Church in our context?
  • How do we encourage VCC members to work primarily outside of the internal community of VCC in mission groups that bring healing in the personal, local and global realm of life? How do we look to see what God is doing in this world and become participants in God’s redemptive work.
  • How do you continually hold paradox while leading a local congregation committed to a center set model of belonging?
  • Where do call, gifting, passion, talent fit in the journey

  • How to live in the tension of belonging to a community where the redemptive work and purposes of God occurs without falling into delusion (think Bonhoeffer here) of finding a community where everyone is mature, healthy and like-minded.

  • To appreciate the Church in all its forms

  • Later I will post on Turning Point One Year Later

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  1. hey rose –

    what great questions to wrestle with…i wrestle with them myself and with our faith community out here in maryland. one of the paradoxes of the wrestling with questions like these is that the answer in one season of life may be different and we need to keep asking those questions, be challenged by no easy answers and move on to do the stuff of Jesus.

    thanks for sharing!



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