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September 22, 2007


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Fall is my favorite time of the year. It always has been. As a child I can remember raking piles and piles of leaves in our yard and then jumping in them. We had a lot of trees so we would have tall mounds of leaves to jump in. I love the smell of fall, the colors of fall. It feels comforting to me when school starts and the weather begins to change. I like to cook a pot roast with potatoes and carrots and I love to get a new handbag and a new pair of shoes. Colored leaves, pot roast, school supplies, schedules back in place, new shoes…
I just recently have put language or have attempted to put language to why my insides begin to yearn for fall. Fall means change and dying. Not in a morbid way. In a good way. For me it becomes a season of letting things die. The things I don’t need to carry on can go. This is not easy but necessary. The paradox of losing life to find life speaks to me during this season. A time to reflect and look at my life. That way of coping with stress, or that way of being in relationship with others or some ways of thinking have to be surrendered in order to find new life.
Fall reminds me of all the “little” deaths Jesus invites me to in order to make room for new life. Death, dying to the large or even the small things that are necessary in my life comes to me with a natural instinct to fight rather than surrender. Surrender becomes my spiritual work – this season reminds me there are things to let go of, let them fall away. I think that’s why I feel the comfort that comes from a fall dinner of pot roast, or a new pair of shoes…some how it eases just a bit of the letting go…

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