Turning Point Turns Two

Turning Point is turning two this month. Three and a half years ago our faith community leased a building. It took us a year to make the decision to take on a lease payment. During that year, as I would pray about the decision, trying to discern which way we were to go at that particular juncture, I came across John 1:14 in the Message. In that moment I knew we were to move into our host community and be the presence of Christ in whatever way we could. We have spent 3 ½ years making relationship in our host community. Out of our participation in the City we launched a non-profit, Turning Point. One year ago, a year’s worth of planning, praying and dreaming came to fruition. For my 50th birthday we hosted a dinner/auction for Turning Point. It was a blast. In the past year we have continued to see signs of the Kingdom and step into participating with where we saw Jesus. We have struggled, we have stressed, we have had great times laughing. Over the past year we have served our community in a numerous ways. Basketball camps have been one of the most rewarding. We have run 5 eight week basketball camps for co-ed youth living at poverty level. We were able to send two of the young women (age 15) to a week long YMCA camp on Orcas Island. These two young women are immigrants. They told me their experience at camp was something they would never forget. They are now going to be part of a youth leadership team to help get many of their peers (immigrants) to camp next year. There are challenges for immigrant children and youth that many American born children and youth do not face. It is common for the children of immigrants to be the main interpreters for their parents. At a young age they have to be the spokesperson for financial situations, medical situations and the like. We saw this firsthand as we helped the girls fill out enormous packets of paperwork required to attend the camp.

For the sake of shortening this post, one story around the camp situation. In August we were on vacation in Canada. My cell phone rang, caller unknown. I answer. Caller on the other end:
“Rose, this is Nahite” (not her real name)
Me: “Oh hi
Nahite: “Have you heard if our paperwork was approved”
Me: “No, I haven’t. I will be gone a week, but when I get back I will let you know right away.”
Nahite: “Okay, thanks. We are so excited, we really want it to work out.”
Me: “I am sure it will work out. I will call you next week.”
Nahite: “Okay, bye
Me: “Bye”

Two days later Nahite phoned me again. She had heard from some of the kids that she needed money for transportation to camp and back. I told her not to worry we would figure it out….

Nahite and Assianah went to camp had a blast…this was in August.
Today, my husband, a friend and I were having lunch. My cell phone rang. It was Nahite…
Me: “hello”
Nahite: “Hi Rose”
Me: “Hi there, Nahite, what’s up”
Nahite: “I just wanted to say hi.”

We talked for a few minutes and I will see her at homework factory next week….

This is just one of many, many stories…

This I do know. If VCC and Turning Point went away tomorrow…our host community would feel the loss. You see VCC has made this a reality. I serve and work with some of the most kind and generous Jesus followers anywhere. I am humbled and filled with gratitude for the way VCC has been faithful to look for signs of the Kingdom and step in to participate with God in bring healing to our world.

October 27th we will hold our second annual dinner/auction and celebrate Turning Point turning two.

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