The Next Few Weeks – BUSY

Tomorrow I fly to Texas to meet with a group to discuss the issue of women in leadership and the Vineyard. I anticipate a productive time and the beginning of some important friendships as we journey this road.
I get back from Texas and then it’s full steam ahead for the Turning Point Dinner/Auction. If you are in the area and want to attend give me a shout out. It is a blast and we have great auction items. More important the money we raise will support the next year of development, especially our work with immigrant youth-at-risk.
The week following the auction is the Off The Map Live event. I am doing a workshop at the event. Friday night, one of the mission groups of VCC, Global Support, is hosting a conversation on Poverty, Privilege and Power at the Vineyard. The Friday night panel will include Brian McLaren and Richard Twiss. This will be an engaging, interactive time to bring awareness to the issues of how the North American church relates to the church in developing nations. You won’t want to miss it! Sunday morning Brian will be our special guest at VCC. Fun times the next few weeks. I have to find a way to keep up with my course work at the same time. Challenging but exciting times.

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