I am a Facebook Failure

I am 51 and a Facebook failure. I have two email accounts, one at the Vineyard and one I have had forever with hotmail. I began getting invitations at both email accounts to Facebook on the same day. I entered info for both and have created two Facebook accounts…I tried deactivating one but don’t understand how to then get those friends over to the other account…I am truly a child of the 70’s and very, very technologically challenged…so I think I deactivated my rose@vineyard-cc.org account… and tried to redirect it to my hotmail account, however when I did that it said it would reset any previous hotmail account which means I then lose the friends I have on the hotmail address for Facebook…I don’t think I’m cut out for Facebook…I probably need to stick to the dinosaur called e-mail.
I tried…:)

God’s Epic Adventure

A few weeks ago Brian McLaren was our guest at VCC. Unfortunately we were not able to record Brian’s message as our sound computer crashed. Brian interviewed Winn Griffin (Brian wrote the afterword) about his book, God’s Epic Adventure and it was caught on video. You can view it here

What I’m Reading

Maggi Dawn’s short readings from Advent to Epiphany is reminiscent of Henri Nouwen’s “Show Me the Way” short reflections for journeying through lent. I am looking forward to having a guide through the advent season.

For all the Information on Winn’s book go here
I am hoping if you are leading any form of missional community you would order this book now. It is a must read for understanding the story of God and where we locate ourselves within the story. We are privileged to have a gifted theologian and teacher in our midst. Understanding the overarching story of God, Humanity and the Kingdom will impact the way in which we view and live out our faith.
Leaving Church

Leaving Church – A Memoir by Barbara Brown Taylor is bringing refreshment to a life that is overly and completely busy. I first read Barbara Brown Taylor ten years ago while looking for women who preach. Her books quickly became one of my foremost mentors for preaching. Reading her memoir and getting the back story on what life as a parish pastor was like for her is a breath of fresh air to my being. I found myself relating to her story over and over again. Whether I ever meet her or not she has had significant impact on my life.

Free of Charge

Giving and Forgiving in a Culture Stripped of Grace…I have only read a few pages yet I know from Volf’s “Exclusion and Embrace” this will be a challenging book from my western, evangelical Christian vantage point. Stopping to unlearn many of the practices and beliefs that have formed me for one world has been no small challenge, the more I realize I don’t know about God, the way of Jesus in 21st century America, the Global World and the cosmos, the more I need teachers like Volf to show me another way.

The Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of Luke

We have been teaching through the Gospel of Luke throughout the year. No matter how many times I read and study through the Gospels I am amazed at how differently I see Jesus. This time I have seen him as a radical, subversive revolutionary. His message was so outrageous to the religious folk and such GOOD NEWS to many on the outside that could not even get close enough to look in…so much for us to meditate on and embrace and then live out in our own lives…Newbigin’s words ring true here….goodwill leads to good deeds that lead to good news…

Rich and I just got back from a five day cruise. It was for business. We had an incredible time getting to know some wonderful people that are giving their lives to serve the Kingdom. As we look forward to Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, Epiphany — I really cannot believe how incredibly full and good my life is.

Off The Map Live

I have been involved with Off The Map from the beginning. I have been to almost every live event. This was by far my favorite. Jim and his team brought together a diverse group of voices. Diana Butler-Bass, Todd Hunter, Richard Twiss, Brian McLaren, Sadell Bradley and Claudio Oliver, plus a whole host of workshop presenters and musicians.
I enjoyed the panel discussions and the different choices for the “offstage” times. Instead of “main stage” speakers the “main stage” was used for interviews and panel discussions…there were a ton of workshops and the on-site food — incredible.
I met a lot of new people I would probably never run into in just one place.
OTM you have come a long way in creating an event with such a diverse pool of voices…men and women from all backgrounds and with different theological frameworks had conversation, questions and a lot of fun!
I had too many favorite moments to name but I have to say, the Friday Night Live time we co-sponsored with Global Support (a Mission Group of VCC) was such a great time. I had to apologize to Richard, Katherine and Jodi for my huge mistake about Columbus – if you were there you know what I am talking about, if not, I have suffered enough humility. 🙂
Thank you to all the staff and volunteers that made for an amazing event.