Off The Map Live

I have been involved with Off The Map from the beginning. I have been to almost every live event. This was by far my favorite. Jim and his team brought together a diverse group of voices. Diana Butler-Bass, Todd Hunter, Richard Twiss, Brian McLaren, Sadell Bradley and Claudio Oliver, plus a whole host of workshop presenters and musicians.
I enjoyed the panel discussions and the different choices for the “offstage” times. Instead of “main stage” speakers the “main stage” was used for interviews and panel discussions…there were a ton of workshops and the on-site food — incredible.
I met a lot of new people I would probably never run into in just one place.
OTM you have come a long way in creating an event with such a diverse pool of voices…men and women from all backgrounds and with different theological frameworks had conversation, questions and a lot of fun!
I had too many favorite moments to name but I have to say, the Friday Night Live time we co-sponsored with Global Support (a Mission Group of VCC) was such a great time. I had to apologize to Richard, Katherine and Jodi for my huge mistake about Columbus – if you were there you know what I am talking about, if not, I have suffered enough humility. 🙂
Thank you to all the staff and volunteers that made for an amazing event.

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  1. we loved it, always such a good reminder to keep living out what we so deeply believe about the Kingdom. thanks for modeling for us how it can be. it is so encouraging, really.

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