Domestic Violence Pt 2

Yesterday I posted on domestic violence. My mom, and all 5 of us kids are the victims of domestic violence. I am 51 years old and the second to the last of 5 kids. We were abused in the 60’s and 70’s — before Dr. Phil and Oprah, when counseling was taboo…

The following is just one of several comments that have been left on my blog in the last two days by my brothers who protect the system. It might give you a little more clarity as to why I can’t have a relationship with my three older siblings. It is referring to the fact that Rich and I videotaped my mom telling her family history (not our history) but her story, her parents, immigration from Italy etc. Apparently my siblings are not happy that my mother and I have reconciled our relationship and she actually enjoys hanging out with us. Here is the latest comment…I am actually not afraid for people to know who I am and that I have reconciled with my mother. One reason I am making this comment public is because my brothers have both retaliated against me for telling the truth. I would expect they are scheming a way to retaliate once again so for the record I will expose any threats or manipulations and attempts to control me or my relationships. By the way, my mom was happy to tell her story and very happy to have them up on YouTube (they are set to private) she calls me and lets me know how happy she is that people are viewing them. She did say my brother David called her and screamed at her for doing the videos with me. Welcome to my life…

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Domestic Violence

Here is a good site on recognizing if you currently or have been a victim of domestic violence. The characteristics on the wheels have a continuum. Some people learn to control by manipulation, intimidation and the lot. Tragically it begins early in life and without real healing it continues through a lifetime…

Very Very Busy

Wow, life is so full! I am trying to keep up with it all. Charleston was good, I made it late. Good meetings, met some great people and spent time with our regional leadership. Back home, trying to catch up with VCC, Turning Point and my course work. I am very, very behind…I am taking three days next week to go away and catch up…Alex is on mid-winter break so Rich and I and Alex are going to Leavenworth.

You Had a Bad Day

Alex, my ten year old (who btw just made the little league majors!) plays the chipmunks CD over and over…especially – You had a bad day…I am sitting at SeaTac and that song has gone through my head…actually I’ve had a couple of bad days. Last week Alex and Rich both had a bad flu. I was feeling pretty good and happy it I didn’t get it. Monday evening in the middle of dinner, it hit…bad…stomach flu…I was up all night, hoping it was only a 24 hour bug since I had to leave at 7:00 a.m. today for South Carolina for the Vineyard National Leadership retreat. I was in bed all day yesterday, barely coherent. Was feeling a bit better this morning, weak and tired. I got to the airport a little late, somehow in my delirium I didn’t calculate the time correctly. I ran to security, line was so long…got to the gate literally the minute they shut the door. They wouldn’t let me on. Once they shut the door that’s it, done, you lose…
So, I am sitting in the airport, next flight is at noon which will get me into Charleston around 9:30 p.m. ugh…I will miss the “meet and greet” time tonight but will be there for the meetings in the morning.
If you think about it, please say a couple of prayers, I am not feeling so well and don’t want to relapse…I doubt I am contagious, just feel weak and have a bit of a headache…thanks

Life after life after death

I have been trying to wrap my brain around this statement made by N.T. Wright in regard to resurrection. This afternoon I was studying Walter Brueggemann’s “Interpretation Genesis” for the series we are teaching on Sunday mornings. As I was reading the commentary on the text from Chapter 16 -18 Brueggemann (speaking of the promise) states:

“At the end of 18:15 there is still no resolution. The promise is still in limbo. Sarah is still without child. The whole narrative presses to the birth in chapter 21. The task of the exposition is to portray the anguish of these texts. That anguish turns out to be labor pain, but that is not known here. These texts present the creation “groaning in labor…groan inwardly as we wait for adoption as children, the redemption of our bodies. For in this hope we are saved ” (Romans 8:22-24). These first parents of faith might well have made that same statement. The story of their lives is the story of hopeful but impatient groaning as they wait for the redemption of their bodies and of their history.

I wrote in the margin of my book — this is it, this is life after life after death…then I typed in my notes…how did we lose this ultimate hope in our teaching in the church…how did this core Christian tenet of faith get reduced to “going to heaven when I die”

I am thinking about this a lot as we journey with Jesus through Lent and to Easter…contemplating on Resurrection and what that means for us today – how do we re-imagine our faith around that story…

Then I read the following from Bob Hyatt’s blog and it came just a bit clearer. N.T. Wright in Time Magazine makes it pretty clear. What do you think?


We are teaching through some of the key themes of Genesis this month. When studying the narrative there are so many things we cannot explain nor should we…not an acceptable way of study for many of us that have been raised in the western rational way of thinking…the Old Testament is hard for many. God doesn’t seem like the Loving Jesus of the New Testament, at first reading God can actually seem pretty angry, cold and calculating when things don’t go the way he wants them to go. Here is a line that Todd Hunter used last year when he was with us. I think if we start with this view of God and really can get it deep into our soul we can (and I think this could be what faith is about) let the gaps be, we don’t have to have God make rational sense in every way possible.
“What lies behind the universe is TOTALLY COMPETENT LOVE – Behind the known world is totally competent love”
If this is my starting place I can let the mystery be.