Domestic Violence Pt 2

Yesterday I posted on domestic violence. My mom, and all 5 of us kids are the victims of domestic violence. I am 51 years old and the second to the last of 5 kids. We were abused in the 60’s and 70’s — before Dr. Phil and Oprah, when counseling was taboo…

The following is just one of several comments that have been left on my blog in the last two days by my brothers who protect the system. It might give you a little more clarity as to why I can’t have a relationship with my three older siblings. It is referring to the fact that Rich and I videotaped my mom telling her family history (not our history) but her story, her parents, immigration from Italy etc. Apparently my siblings are not happy that my mother and I have reconciled our relationship and she actually enjoys hanging out with us. Here is the latest comment…I am actually not afraid for people to know who I am and that I have reconciled with my mother. One reason I am making this comment public is because my brothers have both retaliated against me for telling the truth. I would expect they are scheming a way to retaliate once again so for the record I will expose any threats or manipulations and attempts to control me or my relationships. By the way, my mom was happy to tell her story and very happy to have them up on YouTube (they are set to private) she calls me and lets me know how happy she is that people are viewing them. She did say my brother David called her and screamed at her for doing the videos with me. Welcome to my life…

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6 Replies to “Domestic Violence Pt 2”

  1. Rose,
    I am sorry for the turmoil you are experiencing, although it sounds like it has been a long, ongoing situation. My prayers for your peace and protection from every attack, both spiritual and verbal.

  2. Rose, Expose the lies because when they are finally brought out into the public eye, they loose their power. No one can be manipulated if they have nothing to hide. I applaud you and will continue to do so.

  3. Rose,

    Thank you for putting a personal face to the reality of domestic abuse. It’s so typical that opposition flares up when truth gets exposed. I commend you for airing out the criticism of your brother, too.
    Let God defend his daughter.

    Love, Amy

  4. You’re one of the bravest people I know don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I know you don’t do it for this reason, but you’re my hero. You’re not afraid of who you are and that’s amazing.

  5. You have told me how mean they have been to you but I had no idea that it was that sick. I have had plenty of problems with my parents but my brother has always remained loving while I worked it out.

    How sad for your brother to live with that much resentment twards his sister. He must be a very miserable person.

    I am so happy you and your mother are ok now. I have been praying for that for a long time.

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