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  1. rose:

    i’m wondering if you can help us who are on the road towards creating missional communities. particularly, how your weekend gathering fits into your overall missional philosophy?

    it seems most missional fellowships emphasize that the weekend gathering is sustained by community during the week, rather than vice versa? how do you help your people resist looking at the weekend gathering as ‘church’ bur help them see themselves as the ’sent’ church?

    how does it differ from what a typical evangelical worship service looks like? where did you find the biblical impetus for this type of “missional” worship service? maybe you can direct us to a sample worship service? or template?

    thx for your time!

  2. Wow–way to go Rose! Jesus Creed has technorati authority of almost 1000. That must have seriously driven a lot of traffic to your blog. very kewl!

    I guess that saying so sort of goes against the spirit of your post. =p

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