Evite Etiquette

When people do not respond to an Evite does that mean their RSVP is “No”? Why do you think people do not respond to an Evite and do you think it a bit rude?

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  1. People don’t respond because they’re non-committal. They want to wait and keep their calendar open, in case something better comes along. Sometimes, they wait till they can think of a cool response, which takes some wit and brain power. Most don’t know the host can view not only whether they’ve viewed the invitation, but when and the latest viewing. Yes, I believe it is just plain rude to ignore a RSVP, no matter what the delivery, evite or post.

  2. So, I was going to suggest that perhaps people don’t open their email, (extending grace), but then I didn’t realize, as Carolyn informs, that one can view when folks view the Evite. (Yikes!) Most times I respond right away, but other times there may be conflicts I’d want to work out to enable me to come…which invites me to submit the ‘maybe’ decision. (At least for the Evite.) Given that our lives are so nuts, I would have to also include that people don’t always intend to ignore; they just forget – which reminds me of my father-in-law’s mantra: DO IT NOW. So, hmmm, I think I would at the least consider a complete lack of response inconsiderate; to appear without having RSVP’d would be absolutely rude. What does Emily Post say?

  3. Evites do not work with all systems. AOL is notorious for not feeding evites, and the few that come through usually don’t work. Lots of other email outfits – yahoo, hotmail, etc. bomb.

    If you evite, also send an additional mail, and direct them to a website (outside aol, yahoo, etc,)

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