We are so not hip!

So Rich and I are going to be away tomorrow. At a church on the peninsula. We thought it might be cool to leave a video greeting to be played when we normally welcome folks at VCC. We have this fun little flip video camera with a tripod. So we thought it would only take a few minutes to video ourselves…uhm…it didn’t go so smooth. We wrote a little script and …

We really are not very slick, or technologically savvy…welcome to VCC

4 Replies to “We are so not hip!”

  1. Actually, I thought it was quite ‘hip’ – given today’s You Tube standards! It was a crack up, and I was so hoping to see it again on Sunday morning, so I was bummed that it didn’t make an appearance. Missed your presence – though all was good!

  2. Sooo funny, Rose! With a bit of editing you really could have shown it! Thanks for the laugh!

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