Comings and Goings

Summer seems to be going by quickly. Rich and I were not able to take a real vacation this summer. We tried to figure out a good time but it didn’t seem to work out this year. We had other things that we felt were more important happening the last few months. I have worked at home all summer, trying to get course work done. I have made good headway on finishing up (almost Winn) an Old Testament Theology course and I have started a New Testament Theology course. I have decided to take the pressure off to have my dissertation completed by this January. There was no way I could make that deadline. I am going to take January – January to go through the dissertation process. Making this decision has actually vastly improved getting to sleep and staying asleep at night. It’s also calmed down that feeling I get in my chest that makes me wonder if I am having heart problems:)

It has been nice to be at home with Alex this summer. I am watching him turn into that person that is a preteen but still in some ways a little boy. He just has fun all day long whether he is with a friend or by himself. I love working in my office and hearing his laugh. He has had a great summer. On Saturday we are going to Port Angeles for 5 days. I am working with the Vineyard church there. One of the families has graciously offered us to stay in their lake house. So Alex and I are heading over on Saturday and Rich will join us on Sunday. I am looking forward to being on the lake with some time to be with friends, get some solitude and hang out with Rich and Alex.

Last week Rich and I were in Chicago for the first meeting of the Women’s National Task Force. It took us a while to get there. Chicago was having some sever weather. When we landed the thunder storms and rain were like nothing I’ve seen here in the Northwest (well maybe that famous Columbus day storm in 1962). The drive from the airport to our hotel was incredible, hearing the thunder, watching the lightening and navigating through the torrential rains. When we woke up the next morning we learned that three tornadoes had touched down in Chicago that night.

At the meetings we met some great people, saw some good friends and when it was over had an afternoon and evening to spend in the City (thanks Scot for your recommendations). I am looking forward to the Vineyard moving toward changing the structures to grant women access to all levels of leadership.

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  1. When you say you’re taking Jan -> Jan for your diss, does that mean you’re aiming for June ’10 instead of ’09? If so, welcome to my world 🙂 Seems like there’s PLENTY of time left now, but that’ll change, I’m sure…

  2. yes I am. When I began in Jan 2006 I was told it was a four year program – I am in the extended D.Min so trying to expedite it to this January was too much pressure. So, we will walk together!

  3. Enjoying your blog! I am pastoring one of the two Vineyards in Denmark. I just thought it would cheer you up to know that here in the Nordic Vineyards many women are in leadership alongside their husbands. My husband and I pastor our church together, he preaches a bit more than I do, but I do all the counseling and the stuff that I am best at. I am glad that there is freedom to serve together here, that Christ’s body does not need to be paralyzed on one whole side as if after a stroke… and I am glad to hear that the US Vineyards are opening up more too. Keep plowing that furrow!

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