Does God Speak Through Culture?

As I watched/watch the Conventions I am struck with so many issues. If God speaks through culture how are we discerning what we are seeing unfold in our current history-making elections? I have noticed many things that we (the church) could “notice” and wonder about. I will mention one thing and that is how many of the speeches and interviews with folks from the Kennedy’s, Clinton’s and Obama’s to the Bush’s and McCain’s, (and everyone else in between) always, always, always mention how their parents instilled in them a profound sense of no matter how privileged they were they must, must, must serve others. I have been struck with this notion for weeks now and am asking myself first, as a parent how I continue to raise my young son with this value and secondly, as a pastor how to create an environment within our faith community to instill this value in young people.

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  1. I’m wondering, too — to the extent these values were also instilled in me, am I living up to the potential placed inside me? I am asking myself “do I serve enough?” and then wrestling with the guilt of a possible “no” — trying to find a harmony of work/rest while ensuring I am giving myself away to those around me and, in so doing, exemplifying to them the same values.

    I see many who do more than I do. I see many who do less. It is hard living with comparing my own amount of service with other’s and feeling self-judged or, worse, judgemental of others.

    Any way you slice it, I *do* believe God is speaking through culture and this idea of service being spoken of today (and didn’t Pres. Clinton push for increased volunteerism?) reminds me of Kennedy’s “ask not…” exhortation.

    Good stuff

  2. Keith,
    I wonder if the question isn’t “do I serve enough” as much as it “where do I serve at all”? I dont’ know if it is so much about comparing as it is where are we serving in our own lives and then how do we instill that value in our kids? Make sense?

  3. I think that when Nancy and JR were the youth pastors at VCC they really had something there. When they brought the youth in to help clean the elderly ladies house, or weed yards, etc. They had my kids in the palm of their hands. Then when the youth from the neighborhood wanted to join in.
    It could have been just a GOD movment at the time, I don’t know. But Look at Nancy and JR’s kids. They all are big servers. There is something to how she raised them, might be that she just led by example…

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