2 Replies to “Brian McLaren and Hope”

  1. Hi Rose…
    Thank you for sharing the video. I felt like I was receiving an invitation that requires a response. And thank you as well for the link about TNT. To that I smile and say yes — especially after a summer as a Y Day Camp Director. I know the kids you are talking about even if mine were from rural and suburban neighborhoods. May God richly bless and equip TNT.

  2. thanks rose for sharing the video… i had not seen this one yet. it reminds me of my own personal response after 9/11… which was quite the opposite of Brian’s. I am thankful that God met me in the midst of my own response and spoke pretty clearly to my heart with strong conviction…and that was a crucial turning point for me in my life, that has led me to my where i am now on this journey and continuing on it. it is also interesting that the words of Brian were a part of that journey as well. thanks again!

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