Pro-Life and Pro-Obama

It’s no secret that I have decided I am voting for Obama. The one question that most Christians ask me is how I can be a follower of Jesus and vote for someone that is not pro-life. I am pro-life and I believe that being pro-life is bigger than “one” issue. Here is where I reach back to my Roman Catholic roots and lean into a the overarching reality of what pro-life means and meant before the 1980’s Moral Majority campaign (and others) redefined pro-life around one issue. Here is what I am talking about. So, I consider myself Pro-life and pro-Obama.

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  1. but if “life issues, i.e. anti-abortion, anti-death penalty, anti-euthanasia” supercedes all other issues, then no one can rightly vote for Obama. I am a Democrat who has not been able to vote Democrat since coming of legal voting age… why? Because to me, the issue of LIFE comes first. Without it, there are no other rights or liberties in this world.

    Praying for our government,

  2. Rose – I love your post, and I SO appreciate the link to Catholics United, who articulate a life ethic that I can wholeheartedly embrace. Having served women, their partners, families and children for 14+ years at a pregnancy care center, I can say that this is a culture clash, (and loss of hope) more than a political issue. Women will choose life when they can sense hope in their world – not when the law dictates. Being the moral police does not affect how people perceive challenge, i.e., unplanned pregnancy, but inviting hope into their world by building bridges of relationship, listening and caring and locating resources with real help is what makes a difference. My vote for Obama will be cast with the understanding that life beyond the womb must also be acknowledged as worthy of protection, support and respect – if someone is seeking more understanding of this conversation, explore .

  3. Donna,
    I respect the work you do in this area. You see the issue up close and personal. I once heard a devout catholic woman say something like, “being pro=life is seamless, from conception to the grave and has many implications.” Thanks for posting.

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