I Need Help

Hi everyone,
I am in the process of beginning my dissertation. I need help doing a blind survey. If you would let all your friends ages 17-35 know about this I would be most grateful. I need them to visit my blog and either in the comments or by email to office@vineyard-cc.org and answer the following questions. Again, I need you to be 17-35 years old. All answers will be anonymous. I will use as research for my project and will own the rights to print them (anonymously) in other media. I am trying to reach 200-250 responses.

Again, please let as many as your friends know about this survey. Log into my blog and either answer the questions below in the comments or copy and paste the survey with answers into an email and send them to office@vineyard-cc.org


1. How old are you?

2. What gender?

3. Do you ascribe to any religion?

4. If yes, which one? Please describe if you are an active participant in your religion and what that looks like for you.

5. If no, please answer the following:

a. If you were going to investigate spirituality which brand of faith would you be interested in learning more about?

b. Why?

c. If you were going to join a spiritual community, what would you like the gatherings to be like, i.e., a church service, a small group meeting that has discussion, spiritual practices, would there be singing or music involved? Could you describe what kind of gathering you would find interesting and how often you would want to meet? Please try to describe in detail all of the different elements you would like included in a gathering of people exploring faith and spirituality together.

Ted Haggard

I didn’t see Ted Haggard on Oprah or Nightline or Larry King. My first thought when I heard he had been on these shows is that it seemed too soon for him to be in public. It seemed too soon from the standpoint of recovery. These kinds of situations usually take years of healing before a person is ready to go public. A couple of good posts are here and here.