Getting Ready to Go

We take Friday’s off. Rich and I have been pretty good about completely taking Friday’s off since February. Something we didn’t do for a couple of years. When we realized we were not that indispensable and that we were on the verge of burnout, we did an immediate course correction. I am loving our days off. Time to just hang out, chill, and do whatever.

It has poured rain all day. We left for a couple of hours to get something to eat. I swear when we got home the front lawn had grown 3 inches!

I quit blogging the past year or so because I was working on my dissertation. I finished, I passed and next Saturday I graduate from Bakke Graduate University with my Doctorate. It has been a 4.5 year journey. I am so happy to be finished. A lot has happened in the past few years. Alex was 8 years old when I began this program, now he’s 12 finishing 6th grade. I’m grateful I finished this program as he is approaching adolescence.

Last fall I applied for a pastor’s sabbatical grant. I totally did not expect to win. Over 500 grant applications were submitted, only 40 were selected. I won the grant and will take a 12-week sabbatical beginning June 22nd. The grant provides me a great opportunity to do some things I don’t think I could have ever done. I am going to Italy for 4 weeks! The first two weeks Alex and Nicole are with us, we will fly into Rome, spend a few days and then head to the Northern Italian Rivera, (Cinque Terra) and then on to Lake Como. Nicole and Alex fly home and then for 2 weeks Rich and I will travel mainly through Venice and Tuscany with a 2-day stop in Assisi.

Life is pretty full until June 22nd! Alex’s baseball team won their division and go on to the Tournament of Champions. They start tomorrow night and then from day to day we don’t know when the next game will be. It’s a double elimination tournament. It’s really a blast to watch them. One way or another the tournament will end by next Saturday. Until then, games or practices everyday!

On Saturday I graduate! On Sunday we have a fundraising event for Turning Point. Then it’s time to get everything ready so we can be gone a month. I’m teaching a session at Bakke’s Overture I for incoming DMin students on the 10th, flying to Boise on the 14th – 18th for our Regional Conference then it’s home to say goodbye to VCC (we just about have our new website ready to launch) on the 19th. As excited as I am to have 12 weeks off, I am a little anxious about missing everyone from VCC. This will be interesting. We will see?

I wanted to re-start my blog so I can document my time. Again, I have no idea how things will go. I might decide to turn off all technology for a time, I starting to shake just thinking about that!

Hoping to begin blogging again

As the time comes closer for me to go on a 12-week sabbatical I want to re-start my blog so that people can follow me. I will be posting through the summer and wanted to test how my blog interfaces with facebook. Okay, this is a test.