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June 26, 2010

Italy Day 4 – Moneglia

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I wanted to do a quick update. Rome was wonderful but I was ready to leave the crowded city and get to a place where it is complete rest. Beach time and reading, eating and drinking wine, that’s what I have been looking forward to.

We left Rome at 9:45 this morning, heading up the west coast of Italy for a little village just north of the Cinque Terrra. When we bought our tickets at the station the machine would not give us seat assignments. Once on the train we found out why, the train was oversold so we did not have seats! An over-crowded train where we had to stand for 4 hours proved to be quite the adventure. It was so worth it once we arrived Castello Monleone in Monglia. I feel like we are in paradise! We are planted here for 7 nights. Paolo, the man who owns Castello Monleone barely speaks English. He is so kind and funny!

Right in front of Castello is a church, the bells ring on the hour. I feel like we are living in a fairy tale right now. So beautiful, the sights, the sounds, the people.

Heading out to dinner in the village, going to watch the USA/Ghana game. This isn’t so much a tourist town as it is a town where the Italians go on holiday. Hardly anyone speaks English which will be great, it will force us to learn some of the language.

Time for me to go wake up Rich and Nicole to get ready for dinner:)

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  1. We did a 3-4 hour train rode noth from rome yo visit with Mario donizette in Bergamo ( which is 3000 yerar old town . He is the renouned realist panter anf artist. he did the seven deadly sins also time mag cover paintings of pope john Paul and princis diana wew loved it. i enjoyed your album of Rome Thanks Jim H sent phyllis a honorium check this week ffrom last November.
    you all have fun i know you are!

    Comment by sam tickle — June 26, 2010 @ 4:57 pm

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