Reflection on this day before Christmas Eve

This morning I read a reflection from a book my good friend, Ellie gave me for Christmas. “Sacred Journeys” by Jan L Richardson is a wonderful book for daily prayer. Today’s reading describes Joseph, how he (like Mary) goes against his custom and tradition when he takes a pregnant woman for his wife. He stood in solidarity with a woman he loved and trusted. The reflection then asks this question, “What men stand in solidarity with you, going against custom and tradition to be with you or work with you?”

I immediately thought of the men that have worked with me, encouraged me, pushed me forward into places I never dreamed I would be. Today I am grateful for:

Jim Henderson was the first man that had the influence and power to see things in me that I did not and push me toward my future

My husband, Rich continually cheers me on, helps me think and grounds me in fun!

Dave Pardee was the first man in my denomination that took a stand for women in ministry when he named me the movement’s first APCL – the first time a woman held a leadership role beyond the local church within the Vineyard.

Winn Griffin has taught me to think theologically and without him I would have never made it through a doctoral program.

The men of VCC who teach me so much about what it means to lead a congregation with respect for both men and women who are created as equals.

The male area pastors that I bring pastoral care to, they too stand with me as we try our best to be/bring “good news” to the northwest.

Today on this day before we celebrate what the great prophets of old foretold, Emmanuel, I am grateful for all the men that stand in solidarity with women to bring justice to a worn torn, broken world.