Seven-month Update and the Election

I am just seven months post surgery and heart failure. My doctors are pleased and a bit astounded by my recovery. I continue to learn my limits as my body adapts to my heart’s capacity. I am not going to lie. Now that I am feeling better I get super frustrated with my new physical limits! It’s hard. I don’t have the emotional reserve I used to when I hit or go over my limits. When I even go over my limits a tad I end up in tears, melting down and so sad that I cannot do what I want. I have to say “no” way more than I am used to saying to the things that I love. Yet, I am grateful for the things I can and get to do.

Rich and I spent the weekend in Canada speaking at the BC Regional Gathering. We had an absolute blast! Rich and I are a good team! He is supportive, patient (with me), and cares for me so well. I am so grateful for him. We met amazing leaders. We loved pouring into our Canadian brothers and sisters and in the pouring out we received so much! We love David and Anita Ruis and know we will be doing more together in the future. I came home with a heart full of gratefulness. Then last night…

The election did not turn out the way I, or many of us expected it to. So many sat in shock as we watched the election returns. I had to turn it off and tried to sleep. I woke up hoping it wasn’t true. Today was a day full of tears, not just over the election but over accumulative loss I have experienced over the past eighteen months. I could say more about the election but it will suffice to say that we now have to pull together. We have to honor the rules of our democracy but that does not mean we don’t work hard. In fact, we have to work harder than ever to stand on the side of all those who are most vulnerable. If you voted for and support Trump I respect that right. We must try to respect one another and fight for civil discourse about our differences this is America.

For me as a person of faith I will hold to the promises for the new world I read about in my sacred text, I will pray, I will respond to hate (to the best of my ability and by the grace of God) with kindness and I will keep working for justice in any way I can. Platitudes are not what any of us need right now. Whatever you think of Hillary Clinton she showed leadership and grace as she gave her concession speech. She quoted this text and I could not agree more, “Let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due season, we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”

Today I am grateful that I am alive, that I have an amazing family, friends and faith community. On Saturday evening I look forward to celebrating ten years of Turning Point Seattle’s good work serving under-served youth and their families. I cannot wait to honor the volunteers, kids, families, investors, partners and all that have made the past ten years possible. This is what my life’s work will be about. Working for justice, for those that need support, for those that are the most vulnerable in my community. I want to be a person that is a conduit for the love of God. I want my grandchildren to learn that we have privilege and that with privilege comes responsibility to join God in the renewal of all things making this broken world better for all.

I will end with this prayer offered by Brian McLaren:

Lord, please make us instruments of Your transforming love.
Where hostile voices yell in fearful anger,
help us sing loud songs of courageous friendship.
Where people trapped in bigotry send out their shrill dogwhistles of fear,
let us form a resounding multi-faith choir of generous inclusion.
Where bulldozers of greed roar in to plunder all that is green and alive,
Empower us overcome their noise with our hymn of praise for this beautiful earth.
Where cynicism echoes in the broken hearts of struggling idealists,
Let us crescendo with a new song of resilient hope.
O, Holy One, may we seek
less to silence our opponents and more to teach them to love your music
And join the choir.
Oh God of all beauty, may we be instruments of your transforming love,
And may your holy melody rise in us again,
More sweet, loud, and strong than ever before,
Starting now. Amen.