Blogging Again

I have not blogged in months. Partially because I bought a MAC and have not really learned how to use WordPress on MAC. There are several differences and I’m not sure what I’m dong. Other reasons as well, super, super busy. I am trying to get my dissertation project finished so I can graduate next year. I have a deadline of December to finish 260 pages! I have only outlined chapters. I thought if I began to blog again I can jump start my writers block. So with that in mind, here’s what I’ve been up to.

There is a lot going on at VCC right now. We have added an associate pastor, Rachael Clinton. Rachael came to us last year as a pastoral intern and after her internship was up we did not want her to go. She fits so well and brings a much needed voice to all we are about. This summer I have worked with another young woman, Katie as she completed an internship with us. Katie is not able to stay on as she is going to graduate school in Indiana. Jim Fox came to us as an intern and stayed with us. We love interns. I think because we have such an emphasis on the faith community rather than a corporate model, interns seem to get attached to the community so it’s hard to go. This in my opinion is a good thing…

Turning Point is going through some changes. We have brought on Chuck to help develop and expand programs. Ben is leaving. Our son Ben, his wife, Heymin and our grandson, Daniel are moving to Seoul at the end of the month. Heymin is from Seoul. It has always been their plan to be in the US for a few years, then Korea for a few years and hopefully Ben and Hyemin will end up in China. It is bittersweet for us. We are so happy they are moving on with their dreams but so sad they will be so far away!

Go The Second Mile, a mission group of VCC is doing well, growing and expanding.

We have just started a new mission group with two young men that are passionate about people who live outside. The mission group One4One is all about bridging those with with much and those with little into relationship. This will be very exciting to watch grow and develop.

On a personal note. My mom passed away last month. Difficult time, very sad. It brought up once again all of the unresolved issues that come up in a family that is very, very dysfunctional. I have been writing my story as a way of processing through some of it. At some point I may put some of it up here. We’ll see.

Rich took me away for a few days to have some fun. We got an offer for 3 free nights in Vegas, that coupled with cheap airfare we went. The weather was great, got some great pool time, saw a show. The first night we were there my daughter called me and talked me into playing in a Texas Holdem tourney at Caesar’s Palace. I thought I would try it for fun. There were 154 players. We started at 7:00 p.m. I ended up winning the tourney, 5k!!! I could not believe it. It was one of the most surreal experiences I have ever had. We finished at 5:00 a.m. I played poker for 11 hours and won the tournament. Needless to say, that was a highlight:)

Alex made the 11 year old baseball All Star team. That was so much fun to watch. Baseball consumed our life for 3 months, such a good time!

I need to finish my doctoral program. My working title “The Practicing Church” If your church moved out of the neighborhood would anybody notice? I’ve got to get writing. I have outlined several chapters, I just need to get into the rhythm of writing.

That’s about it for now.

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